Meet Me

Hi! I'm Katherine, and Welcome to Your Beginning! Here is the little journey of my before and after weight loss, how I lost 50 lbs and started this website you happen to stumble upon.

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My Beginning

I was big my entire life. I stand a tall 5'2 and weighed over 190lbs. I wore a size L-XL shirt and 14-16 jeans and was always trying to fit into smaller sizes. In my grade 12 year I said enough was enough and I wanted to lose 50 lbs for PROM (lol). Whatever your reason for losing weight is, just go with it. It's your motivation for getting started. Anyways, I had about 6-7 months to lose 50 pounds, so I started, and I did it — all wrong.

My Middle

I had no idea what it took to lose weight and then to keep it off. I was eating far too little and working out too much to lose that 50 lbs. When I went to university, I gained 25lbs back in my first year. That was soul-crushing.


That summer I told myself enough was really enough. I threw the scale to the side because I knew if I focused on the number, I would just get discouraged if I felt it wasn't moving fast enough. I redirected my focus to attainable exercise goals and eating healthy foods I knew would nourish my body & I actually liked.


Post-First Year University

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My End

In 2017 I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics and yes, I had re-lost that 25lbs. I learned what about healthy living I actually loved, the workouts that worked for me, and the meals that worked for my lifestyle.


The truth is your weight loss journey never actually ends — but I can tell you now after almost 10 years of my weight loss journey that the secret to weight loss is to love how you live.


You need to want to wake up in the morning and go for a walk or run. You need to want to go to that spin class, have that broccoli stir-fry, and do those evening yoga stretches. You can't have anyone else telling you what the "best way" to lose weight is, because I believe everyone's idea of what's best is unique to them.


Use my workout programs and easy recipes to kickstart your discovery of what works best for you. Start building a lifestyle you love and the weight loss will follow.

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