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What's Included

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Full Sheet of Exercise Choices

Choose your exercises from 4 categories: abs, arms, glutes (bum), and legs! I recommend choosing 1-2 from each category for the perfect workout!


Build Your Workout Tracking Sheet

Your 3 Tracking Sheets includes 8 slots for your exercises, a spot to add the date, your best exercise that day, and the exercise you want to work on. (you can reuse this sheet as many times as you want).


Your Workout Log

Your workout log is for an overview of all the workouts you've completed. It includes a row for: exercise type, time, calories burned, and how you felt about the workout. 

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Completely Editable from Any Device

You can type right in your PDF from your computer or phone! You can also choose to print it off and use a good old pen & paper. 

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Reference Videos

Each category has a reference video for how to do each exercise! You can jump ahead in the video to find the exercise you're looking for help with. 

Squat Workout

ZERO Equipment Needed!

All the exercises I've chosen for this guide do not need any gym equipment! This is the perfect at-home workout builder, or to help you add to your already existing gym routine.

See Your Program At Work

Click the video to see how you can type right in your PDF, and make the perfect workout!

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