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The 30-Day

Healthy Living Checklist Challenge

30-Days of Healthy Living Tasks ANYONE can complete to improve their well-being.

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You're about to start your health & fitness journey, and you're ALL in. You're going to change everything. Workout every day, cut out carbs and drink 2L of water. It's going great then, BOOM. It's all too much. Before you know it, you're back where you started, with no idea how to get to your goals. 

Can You Relate:

I want to change that for you.

Hello, I've been there.

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Yes, that is me in 2012 with a handheld Canon camera, because that's just how it was. I was overweight my whole life, and despite being in multiple sports, it never seemed to make a difference. 

I'm 5'2 and was pushing 200 pounds. More importantly, I had ZERO ideas what it took to lose weight. However, I was bull-headed enough that I was going to try, and I was going to succeed. 

In just over 5 months, I lost 50 pounds, which is INSANE. I did it through unrecommended means and was eating FAR too less and working out FAR too much. It wasn't sustainable, and when I went off to university, I gained half it back...🙃. I was miserable. I felt like a failure because I had worked so hard to lose that 50 pounds, but I never really stopped and asked myself why I really wanted to, or how I would continue this lifestyle FOREVER. 

Let me tell you the REAL secret to weight loss.

You need to love what you do, and you need to focus on self-acceptance. You don't need to spend 1000s of dollars to learn this, and I can tell you from experience this is the true secret to keeping off unwanted pounds. It doesn't come in a pill or a crash diet; instead, it comes from what's between your two ears- your mind. 

It took me close to 2 years to figure this out, not 5 months, and I'm even still learning every day. If you're ready to ditch the mainstream attitude of losing weight, get started with me. Hi, I'm Katherine! Certified personal trainer with a bachelor's in human kinetics and a weight loss success story. It's been almost 10 years, and now I'm ready to guide you on your path to success.

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Let's Talk About You

I want to give you an overview of what healthy living is like, one task at a time. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed with everything you want to change. I also want you to find what you love, and what's manageable for your life. 

If you're ready to truly learn about health & fitness the right way then the 30-Day Healthy Living Checklist is for you!!

How Would Your Life Change?

For the first time, you'll take a systemic approach to weight loss & healthy living. You'll learn what you actually like, and what's realistic for YOUR lifestyle, not the lifestyle the fitness standard wants you to live.

You could do SO much more in your day, like play with your kids, grandkids, do activities you NEVER thought you could do. 

You will inspire others to lead healthier lives, and become a role model for success.

You will feel more confident about yourself, and realize just how amazing YOU are. 

But most importantly, you will feel accepted by the person you need to spend the rest of your life with... YOU

Let's Talk About the Program

What's included in the Challenge


Access Anywhere Online

Your challenge is available here on Your Beginning! You can access it anywhere with an internet or cellular connection. 

30 Tasks for 30 Days

Every day you'll be given one task to complete to improve your health & well-being. The tasks are easy to follow and completely manageable

Made for Everyone

You don't need a certain level of health & fitness knowledge to participate in this challenge, and nothing is too rigorous to achieve! This program is truly designed for everyone. 


Push- Notifications​


With the app version of your program, you can enable push-notifications so you NEVER miss a day!

Learn As You Go

The purpose of this program is to learn about yourself and what's achievable for you! As you progress through this challenge you'll learn everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle!

Always Budget-Friendly

You don't need to break the bank to learn about healthy living. For 30 days of tasks, you're only paying $9.99; that's $.033 per day!

How it Works

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Create an Account with Your Beginning

Choose & Pay for the Program You Want

Receive Instant Access to Your Program from Any Device

What Kind of Tasks Are Included?

Sample Task

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The Types of Tasks Include:

Single Exercise


Healthy Eating or Food Elimination

Tasks to Prompt Movement

Self-Reflection &

Self Care

Every task is only for one day since this challenge is NOT supposed to be overwhelming!

Have Questions? Let's Answer Them!

First off, What's the Cost?

This 30-Day Challenge is only $9.99, that's only $0.33 per DAY!

Who's Suitable for this Program?

Anyone can complete this challenge! The tasks included in this program are only to be done for 1 day, and every task is designed for beginners! For the more labour intensive tasks I include modifications for participants!

How do I Access my Program?

You can access your program on the Challenge Portal tab in the menu above. If you choose to use the app version of this program, follow the prompts on your program's main page or the confirmation email, you received upon check-out. You will need to create an account with Your Beginning to participate. 

How Does the Program Work?

I have predetermined the tasks. I've strategically made this program, so there's not the same kind of task back to back, and more challenging tasks are spread out. Each day you complete one task, which you can check off on your program dashboard once completed. Once you've completed all 30 tasks, you get a badge!

Do People Like Your Beginning's Programs?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read testimonials from current and former participants!

I still Have More Questions!

If you have any more questions about Your Beginning or this program please reach out to me at yourhealthybeginning1@gmail.com so I can help you out!

Why My Program Over the 1000s Available?

Congrats, you made it to the final frontier of this page (jk, there are testimonials down below) but still need me to convince you? You've made it all the way down this, let's be real: sales page, because I know you're serious about changing your life. You want to stop feeling like crap and start living your life. There are 1000s of influencers out there claiming they know how to lose weight when they've NEVER had to worry about body image & self-esteem. Learn from someone who's been in your shoes and has the degree on the wall collecting dust. There is one person you have to spend the rest of your life with: you, so do yourself a favour and start loving how you live.

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Ready to Start Your Beginning?

Don't worry I'll help you love what you do.

There's no risk! If you happen to dislike your program reach out to Your Beginning for a full refund!

100% Money Back


Read from Challenge Participants 

My boyfriend and I have completed the 7 days, 21 days, and 24 day challenges together. We are at different fitness levels but the programs are versatile enough that they are still appropriately challenging for both of us. Each workout is different, keeping us interested each day - and looking forward to the next. We have done a number of other workout challenges, but Your Beginning’s are both convenient (with the app functionality and auto-reminders ), easy to follow, and bears visible results (without spending hours at the gym). The video how-to guides are great for any clarification we need. Your Beginning’s challenges are perfect if you are tired of the typical fad workout challenges and you’re ready to follow consistent and refreshing style programs - you’re in the right place!

- Hannah 

21-Day Habit Builder Challenge, 24-Days of Fitness

I was really impressed with the amount of work that went into creating the 24 Days of Fitness Challenge. This was my first time using the "WIX" App and it is really easy to navigate. I liked that "WIX" gave me a daily notification to check into my workout for the day and it was really fun to be able to mark it off when completed! Katherine took the time to ensure accessibility for participants, (including not needing any machinery and making a video for each exercise in case you didn't know the move). The challenge increased in difficulty over the course of the 24 Days, which was great for someone like me who hadn't been active for a while. It really empowers participants to keep up a healthy routine regimen when the challenge is complete. There were also some great add-ons including motivational quotes each day, and you can really tell that Katherine is caring about the participants on another level and putting in that "above and beyond" factor. I am really looking forward to doing another challenge with Your Beginning! 


24-Days of Fitness

I have completed the 21 Day Habit Builder and the 24 days of Christmas challenges. All exercises were easy to understand with the help of the video guides; and even though some of them were a challenge for me they were quite doable with a little perseverance.  The inspiring daily quotes kept me motivated too.  As I progressed through the challenges, I noticed my body more toned and strong, and my mood uplifted.  I play racquet sports and I’ve noticed that my speed and agility on the court has also improved. Can’t wait to begin the No More Excuses challenge alter the holidays. I’m hoping to pair this one with The 7 Day Sugar Shutdown challenge. Thanks Your Beginning! It’s working!


21-Day Habit Builder, 24-Days of Fitness